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What We Do

Our Services

PETROKLEEN offers a full maintenance program for all facilities, from audits to maintenance, testing, reporting and record keeping.

Fuel Polishing & Tank Cleaning

PETROKLEEN’s fuel and tank cleaning methods filter out contaminated fuel through a multi-step process to eliminate microbial growth, sediment and sludge build-up, restoring fuel to a usable state.

High Volume Product Transfer & Filtration

PETROKLEEN’s industrial high volume systems are designed to safely transfer and filter various types of product while meeting specific filtration specifications, minimizing excess waste product, and lowering costs.

Confined Space Entry

PETROKLEEN provides man entry services to meet any job or site specific requirements including cleaning for decommission, inspection, hot work, coating repairs, and general contamination issues.

Tank Work

PETROKLEEN installs and decommissions various types of fuel tanks and supporting systems.

Code Compliance Inspections

PETROKLEEN’S code compliance inspections follow a strict process to ensure all regulations and standards such as API 653 and CCMI Compliance Inspections are met by your organization.

Tank & Line Integrity Testing

PETROKLEEN’S fuel storage tank leak testing is done with the USTest/Ullage Test system to ensure that the tank is completely safe and not leaking into the environment.

Industry Excellence

Our Mission

To provide cost-efficient, timely and environmentally conscious services that create a positive impact in your business and the environment.

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Vancouver, British Columbia

+1 (604) 990-9797

Victoria, British Columbia

+1 (250) 888-1911

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